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TOP 10 places in Central Bohemia

Follow in the footsteps of rulers, nobles and artists, get to know the places where Czech and European history was made, as well as locations that inspired ground-breaking works of art. Find out about our ancestors, what their day-to-day life was like, sometimes carefree, sometimes challenging. Get awed by the grandeur of architecture and the gifts of nature. Take a walk in the forests and meadows that UNESCO ranks among the most beautiful in the world. Explore Central Bohemia and visit ten destinations that await you with open arms!


TOP 10 undiscovered places in Central Bohemia

You may have been to Karlštejn Castle on a school trip (a couple of times at least), tend to spend your summer weekends along the banks of Slapy reservoir, and know Kutná Hora like the back of your hand… in short, Central Bohemia may be your back yard and its famous sites checked off your travelling list. But that’s not all there is to explore in the Region! Take a look at our list of ten hush-hush lesser-known places off the tourist-beaten path, whose charm is well worth discovering. (And guess what? They make for divine-looking photos!)


TOP 10 Central Bohemian events

Don’t sit at home, we have a much better programme for you! A dozen great unforgettable events to experience. Our varied mix of events is bound to include one or two that would suit you down to the ground, but take our advice: try them all out, because there’s wonderful fun to be had at every turn, for sure.


TOP 5 Winter trips in Central Bohemia

Temperatures at freezing point, snowflakes flying through the air, the sky overcast with grey clouds… You might say the only thing to do in winter is stay at home by the fire; Or the central heating. Not so in Central Bohemia! Even in the months when your breath is visibly steaming, we have several travel tips for you. Explore some places where you won’t mind chilling a little literally.

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